Operation and Maintenance


Human capital is necessary and essential for any success. We have an ‘’inclusive’’ vision and work as a team to find innovative solutions suitable for your context. Each project has an initial investment cost to respect, and the selection of equipment should not be overlooked. The combination of cost and purchase criterion and equipment lifetime are important information to evaluate. A dollar invested wisely can easily bring money every year for several years.

Our collaborative approach, our skills, and our visual tools can bring results and meet objectives of the most challenging projects of our industry. Sharing our knowledge and contributing to your success are elements that we take to heart, and we are ready to support you.


Bottling line optimization

The mandate was to propose improvements to increase production capacity of a bottling line. We performed a Time and Motion Study to determine the optimal operation sequences and a better distribution of tasks. We also contributed to reduce the changeover …

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Troobleshooting – Contamination issues

Gespro’s Technical team has solved the contamination problems related to chemical process and filling line (suspended material in product). Our team has conducted an inspection of the various stages of manufacturing process,  cleaning and filling, which helped to identify …

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