Machinery and Technologies

Machinery and Technology

We know the packaging industry and we understand our client’s needs. We are continually in a learning mode, because the industry is dynamic and the technologies are evolving rapidly to meet new needs.

Mastering the technology, securing machinery investments, ensuring equipment efficiency, controlling production and operations, and other needs; these are the challenges faced by successful manufacturers. Over the years, Gespro Packaging’s expertise has developed through specific knowledge of packaging technologies, the understanding of industrial issues, the constant research for improvement, and optimization of production lines. Combining a strong network of suppliers with unique experience, having over than 250 achievements to its credit in manufacturing, Gespro Packaging is considered like a partner in any project related to industrial equipment.

Achievements …

Continuous improvement and Line Audit

A recent Line Audit in cheese cluster was made to permit to identify a multitude of abnormalities that affected negatively the production line. Using our AuditPro system, the tool has been used to treat the production information and to enhance …

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