Product and Packaging

Products and Packaging

We cannot separate the packaging of its content from the content of the container. We understand the complexity of this combination and especially the challenges between the needs of the client and the manufacturer. The choice of packaging material and its specifics is strategic for any product and contributes to its success. We have given some thought to bring alternatives or improvements to packaging systems on the market.

New packaging development :

  • Collect all the technical concerns from the customer and integrate them in the packaging design scope
  • Advise customers in their innovation process in regards to requirements (laws, esthetic, functional, sustainability, printing)
  • Assure the quality of the product design, including material and structure selection, feasibility and compatilbity
  • Define packaging specifications sheet, validate controls and production procedures
  • Work on the whole packaging system to achieve a reliable and efficient product to market launch

Improving your current packaging :

  • Improve the actual packaging for shelf life, cost, attractiveness or performance issues
  • Propose alternative packaging solutions to reduce cost or tie to pack in plant
  • Expertise on all the technical points (design, printing, functions, etc…) concerning packaging

Outsourcing and training

  • Technical evaluation of your packaging suppliers for improving technology, quality, cost or security
  • Recommend the packaging resources (supplier) in China and in Asia, or also communicate with them if necessary
  • Seminar/training on packaging technologies and materials

After selecting the duo ”packaging/product”, the implementation of solution against the budget and specified time frames takes place. This is a strategic advantage for our clients to have the same partner from the launch of the project until its completion. Our consulting expertise is reflected in our design, conception, and integration of new packaging systems that allow our customers to meet new challenges particularly in the integration of new packaging product on existing lines.

Our contribution to the industry is also illustrated by the realization of the Food Packaging Guide which Gespro is the author and was mandated by the CTAC (Food processing board and consumer products). This guide is an essential tool to understanding packaging and its current issues, and to take an informed step in that direction. (PDF Food Packaging Guide).



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