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Diagnosis and digital plan 4.0

A smarter and more efficient factory

As part of the information age, industrial digital technology aims to connect all the equipment and machines, linked to the production phases, to a database that generates information instantly. The possibilities for using the data are numerous. All you have to do to set up a personalized system that meets your needs.

Industrial Digitization 4.0 allows factories:

By respecting the correct procedure, Gespro Solutions offers a 4.0 audit to the companies that plan to make a digital shift.

What is an industry 4.0 audit?

The 4.0 audit includes an analysis of the planning of your activities as well as of your data collection system linked to the operations. This will allow our team to assess your stage of digital maturity and to offer you a suitable 4.0 digital plan.

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Our 4.0 Digital Plans

Realizing that digital transformation can present a considerable challenge for businesses, we offer flexible action plans that can be deployed in the short, medium and long term.

To facilitate the implementation of digitization

We ensure that management and employees receive all the necessary training and coaching to make them comfortable with the new system and methods.


We support our customers in the choice and integration of industrial solutions.

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