Procurement / Contracts

serv achat et contrAny investment should be well-managed, based on your selection criteria, and your needs. It should not be based on your supplier’s interests. Your criteria and interests are categorized to get answers quickly by our experienced technical team. You will have access to all of our local and international suppliers. You will be able to use our online bid process platform, our supplier references, technologies and servicesall in one place. We are committed to meeting your needs, within your timetable, and your allocated budget. We provide clear, well-defined supplier contracts to avoid unexpected situations and additional investment during installations.


–        Take advantage of our network and contacts to guarantee your success

–        Ensure clear well defined deliverables are established for all parties

–        Protect your interests from any risk derived from uncertain factors and proposed options

–        Take advantage of our reliable and experienced suppliers to maximize your performance

–        Define the technical specifications, performance criteria, inspections, schedules and deliverables with Gespro

–        Automate the communication process and tendering phase for your industry in real time

–        Enjoy fully-defined product/equipment/process comparative analysis with a list of advantages and conveniences to assist you in your selection process

–        Finalize your negotiations and save through our business relationships.