Technical Studies

serv bureauOur studies are based on real-world, practical experience on the ground, which allow us to give you a more accurate budget and interesting options. Each hour invested in a preliminary study can save up to double in negotiation with suppliers, in process selection, and during the installation. Our objective is to find the best options according to your budget, timeline, and established criteria.


–        Preliminary Studies

  • Define the objectives, budget, and preliminary implementation plans
  • Collect the necessary data and understand the issues
  • Feasibility studies
  • Evaluate the risks and propose alternatives / options
  • Evaluate the necessary level of automation and technology for the targeted capacity

–        Detailed Studies

  • Perform a functional description of automated lines
  • Conduct comparative studies of technologies / suppliers
  • Specify and define in detail technologies / equipment / concepts
  • Carry out cost-benefit studies of the investment required

–        Technical Services

  • Carry out Time and Motion Studies
  • Establish technical specifications (RFQ)
  • Improve packaging equipment
  • Automate and control systems
  • Integrate new formats / packaging / products
  • Make productivity diagnosis of process and packaging lines
  • Troubleshooting production equipment
  • Develop ergonomic, safe and sanitary designs
  • Develop site standards
  • Establish performance criteria / FAT / SAT