Audit and Simulation

serv auditYou cannot improve what you cannot measure. We have used common sense, industry standards, our modeling software, and experienced people to get to the root cause of each problem or inefficiency.

We use unique tools in the industry: Campro DV and AuditPro. We’ll do the essentials to allow the best production performance.  Our troubleshooting abilities are recognized in the industry (top leaders have used us to improve their productivity within 3 months and with limited budgets).


– Get external opinions of your continuous issues, to get different diagnosis and solutions

– Audit your lines to be able to improve you efficiency    (AudiproTM: Quality and Performance)

– Visually diagnose jams or stop sequence

– Implement the right Key Performance Indicators for your operations

– Identify problems and specific integrated solutions with action plans

– Validate the data and get an outside point of view from our technical experts

– Measure your operations against the best benchmark in the industry

– Audit the performance of your new installations for evidence of productivity

– Simulate several future scenarios with our experts to improve ideas and solutions