Design, implement and start-up a fully automated high speed cream cheese line

Design, implement and start-up a fully automated high speed cream cheese line

 cream cheese fiche

Project description:

The strong market growth this market forced our client to rapidly increase their production capacity without shorting the market. Gespro team was involved on the strategic choice of location, cost evaluation, line and equipment design, implementation and start-up. We delivered the results in tight schedules and budgets.

What were the challenges that GESPRO has been faced to?

  • Fully automate the entire packaging line (not a similar line in the market at that time)
  • Install a high-speed line without affecting the reliability (risk assessment, not shorting the market)
  • Add technology to cope with higher speed lines, simplify setups to minimize downtimes


¤  Conveying conical cup upside: without any pressure or friction with accumulation to avoid damaging the artwork on the cover.

Solution : Installation of a FIFO accumulator including input mode for the case packer infeed, in one unique line (no divider or lane merger)

¤  Reversing different heights of conical cups.

Solution: Installation of interchangeable twists without tooling. The setup of the entire line is achievable in 10 minutes with minimum mechanical adjustments.

¤  Heavy workload for handling cups, lids and cartons.

Solution: Design of automatic loading system for bulk production without stopping equipment.

¤  Increasing the line speed which exceeds the capacity of the palletizer station.

Solution: Superposition of cases to decrease the linear speed of the packaging line before the palletizer station.


Designed and optimized workstations, taking into account the raw material path which ensures the proper line operations for a minimum of 45min before replenishment.

The Gespro’s innovations

Our specialized consultants in food packaging lines were able to give simple answers regarding the project challenges providing new technologies for each application:

  • Control weight system with dosing control by feedback
  • Vision system for barcodes and lids verifications