Moving Dairy production lines for Space Optimization

Sector: Dairy,Expertise,Installation/Start-up,Machinery and Technologies,Process,

This project in Dairy sector was to prepare installations required (electric, pneumatic, mechanical) before the transfer of pockets and jug lines toghether with their common packaging line. Gespro completed the preliminary engineering, risk analysis, project management, supervision of installation and the start-up. The challenge was to make the preparation of …

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Optimization of a high-speed bottling line

Sector: Beverage,Continuous Improvment,Expertise,Machinery and Technologies,

The mandate was to implement appropriate quality systems, increase productivity and reduce operational costs. Gespro conducted a feasibility study and risk analysis, preliminary engineering, technology assessment, equipment selection, testing of new production parameters, design and development, management/supervision of installation/start-up and operator training.

Results :

Success of new quality …

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Optimization cookies production line and new technologies

Sector: Bakery,Expertise,Installation/Start-up,Machinery and Technologies,

Gespro made ​​the reorganization of an entire cookies production line to allow a reduction of the number of employees and to reduce double handling of products and changeover time (SMED). Design, research, innovation and implementation of new equipment were made ​​by Gespro in order to improve production capacity by at …

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