Set-up and Start-up

serv instaWith more than 250 projects under our belt, we have a unique experience in installation and start-up. We guarantee superior and reliable installation and achieve records in start-up production.

Better manage your time and money on installation and start-up … the start-up is the most under-estimated phase in a project. A good start-up is profit on the first production day for any company.

– Prepare final and detailed installation drawings

– Manage the pre-installation services (mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, and plumbing, etc.).

– Specify, define, plan and coordinate the work of various trades

– Ensure adequate confined space in production areas

– Manage health and safety and apply food safety standards

– Prepare daily reports and sign time sheets / materials

– Manage change orders and unforeseen situations

– Communicate action plans and identify those responsible

– Support operations during commissioning

– Provide support during start-up to reach the target efficiencies

– Develop and manage a list of anomalies and failures