Productivity and Continuous Improvement

serv prodEvery company has its own culture and that must be taken into account by the improvement team to adequately initiate new procedures. 5 S, SMED, Kaizen and Kanban are important tools, but the most important thing is: When and Why to implement them. We customize solutions to real world needs.

We make rapid and accurate diagnosis, based on reliable information and allowing their profitability. You will benefit from solid support and a multi-disciplinary team for a fraction of the cost. Our methods and experience allow us to diagnose in less than a week and realize implementation plans in less than 3 weeks.

– Get experienced continuous improvement ideas and implement them with guaranteed results

– Identify opportunities for improvement (packaging, processes and systems)

– Identify opportunities to reduce the production losses/waste or re-work

– Identify opportunities for quality improvement

– Evaluate the condition of equipment and their potential performance

– Evaluate and improve your operations teams efficiency by Time and Motion studies

– Implement simple and powerful tools such as 5S, Kaizen, Kanban, SMED

– Implement an action plan for short, medium, and long term

– Implement logical solutions, taking into account the human element

– Maintain results with continuous improvement mentality implementation