Projet Management

serv pm (2)With our multi-disciplinary team and our practical experience, we have a 360 degree ‘’inclusive’’ approach which allows us to effectively manage your projects. We have a process and a MS Project chart for each project, including resources and timelines, and we keep all the activities inter-related to see the impact of each decision. We control risks and we focus on results.

– Plan, organize, conduct and control projects

– Define the scope of the project and limitations

– Identify the team involved, the necessary skills, and project risks

– Establish roles and responsibilities / objectives / meetings and their frequency

– Identify, collect and analyze vendor and suppliers quotations

– Coordinate the construction site and communicate the appropriate actions

– Control costs, quality, and meet deadlines

– Manage unexpected situations to mitigate negative impacts

– Maintain lists of anomalies and manage the actions by priority

– Communicate to each phase of the project and ensure feedback

– Achieve the desired results and close the project